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Welcome to Herd-Pro Software

Herd-Pro Software develops easy to use, Microsoft Windows based livestock management software for dairy and beef cattle along with other popular livestock species including sheep and goats. We build software that is approachable and fun-to-use while at the same time being powerful and flexible enough to be customized for the specific needs of your herd. StocKeeper and StocKeeper Companion, our hand held Palm OS software, can take care of your herd's medical, fertility, production, health and inventory data tracking needs. Combine this with the powerful and highly customizable reports that StocKeeper produces and you have a great asset for your farm: smart data for making smart business decisions.

Note to VISTA users:

If you have upgraded to Windows VISTA, these is the process to get StocKeeper installed:

  • Install the software (while logged in as an admin user)
  • Right-Click on the StocKeeper icon on the desktop and select 'Properties'
  • Select the 'Advanced' button
  • In the dialog box, click on 'Run as Administrator' and then click 'OK'
StocKeeper '03
StocKeeper '03 is the latest version of our flagship product. Manage dairy, beef, and other types of herds. New features include custom fields, inventory, and trend line analysis.
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StocKeeper '03
StocKeeper and StocKeeper Companion now support Digital Angel's RFID technology.
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StocKeeper Companion
StocKeeper Companion is the most versatile Palm OS software and Pocket PC software on the market for livestock management. Take your entire herd with you into the field to look up and enter data in the palm of your hand.
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Custom Solutions
Need a custom solution? Herd-Pro Software can do it--and has for organizations including De Laval and South African Dairy Farms. Our software is suited for enterprise level installations.
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