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RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Tag Technology is here.

You may have noticed that Herd-Pro Software's logo is a cow with a radio antenna belted around its body. The logo was originally designed as a fun visual pun. Times have changed, and our logo is now a literal representation of RFID technology. While we don't advocate strapping a large, powered radio antennae to your animals, you may want to consider several of the RFID tags that we can provide that work in conjunction with your StocKeeper Companion handheld computer. This allows you to read the ID of your animal electronically with a simple scanner and immediately bring up that animal's information in your handheld computer to view or enter information.

How RFID works

How RFID works(1) Each RFID chip contain a unique ID number that is read when a powered scanner sends a signal to the chip. The signal bounces off the chip and send its ID number back to the scanner. (2) The scanner then sends this information to StocKeeper Companion handheld software and automatically looks up the animal's record for you -- including a lifetime history. If you are entering a group event on animals, your handheld computer will automatically bring up that animal ready to have data entered. (3) Your handheld computer is then synced with your desktop computer and all records on both devices are updated with the latest information. (4) From StocKeeper on your desktop, data can then be exported as reports or shared with a variety of other systems including Milk Metering equipment, DHIAs, Testing Centers, or other centralized databases.

The use of RFID tags on your farm allows you to expedite the process of finding and entering data on each animal. In addition, the RFID tags are unique for every single animal. This provides your farm with complete trace-back accounting which has become an issue in several countries where there have been outbreaks of diseases such as Mad Cow. In fact, several countries now mandate that all animals have lifetime unique ID numbers. RFID is an excellent way to meet that need.

Tag Options

There are several different tags to choose from. We currently distribute tags and hardware from Digital Angel. For more information, please contact Herd-Pro Software.

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